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What will YOU GAIN from attending this course?


- Boost your CONFIDENCE in answering SJT questions

- MAXIMISE your score and chances of getting your top-choice deanery

- TIPS on how to approach the questions

- PRACTICE plenty of questions in a group setting, with FEEDBACK from tutors

- Become familiar with KEY points from GMC guidance and the Foundation

- Programme Curriculum, which will help you answer questions in your exam

- Test how you perform under time pressure with a MOCK SJT paper








































"Excellent, really helpful, especially working through practice questions and relating answers back to the GMC guidance and F1 person specification."

Gavin Sewell, Final year student, UCL


"Excellent course! Well designed and very high quality material. Structure works well with good opporunties for discussion. Would certainly recommend to others."

Dan Swerdlow, Final year student, UCL


"It's nice to be taught by people who actually seem to care about your development."

Final year student, UCL


"Engaging and interesting course, that definitely helped me refine my SJT approach. Thanks!"

Jeremy Eve, Final year student, UCL


"The SJT Course was great value for money. Lectures were clear and excellently communicated.. ..It has made me more confident, and I would recommend it."

Martin Edobor, Final year student, UCL


"You knew what you were talking about and clearly put a lot of time and effort into this."

Final Year Student, UCL

The Doctors Workshop SJT Course helps final year medical students prepare for the Situational Judgement Test examination, a pre-requisite for entry into the foundation programme of their choice.

SJT Course 2014

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Testimonials from 2012-3 courses

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NEW FOR 2014: We are pleased to announce that this year you will be able to hear first hand accounts of the SJT exam from students who took it last year! We have a group of FY1s who attended our course last year coming to give you the lowdown on what its like on the day - Be sure not to miss it!!!

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